Can We Control Pain With Our Minds?

Can Hypnosis Help Pain?As a professional hypnotist, I’ve seen first hand how the mind influences our bodies. I was able to help people who had long term  “chronic” pain feel better in moments. These same people had spent years in doctors offices and therapy.

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t genuine physical causes of pain, I’m saying that pain is a process that we experience both physically and psychologically. And, when you understand how your mind works, you can a) avoid unintentionally maximizing the pain. b) intentionally minimize it and make yourself more comfortable. If you’d like to read about some new research that shows why some people are better at handling pain than others, click here.

The Self Hypnosis Video That YouTube Banned.

Okay, I wanted to repost this self hypnosis video. You may not believe it after watching it, but this video was actually banned by YouTube because they said it was “inappropriate content”. You may not like the video, but I can’t figure out what is inappropriate. I reposted it under another account, so enjoy it now because you never know when YouTube will ban it again.

Our Place in the Universe

I like to think about things that I never question.
Our lives have changed more in the last 100 years
than in the previous million. Without electricity we
would go to bed way earlier and look at the sky more.
How would that change your life?

The Effects of Television

Talk about the elephant in the room that everyone ignores. How does television affect human beings? Good questions considering how much television the average person watches. It is clear from watching this video that these children are in a trance. Notice them all breathing at the same rate, with the same facial expression. Remember that being in a trance makes you more open to suggestions. The next question we need to ask is what suggestions are we exposing ourselves to when we trance out in front of the television?

Hypnotic Programming

When I began as a hypnotist, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Basically, I’d been trained, but didn’t feel confident. The way I understood it, the client came in, sat down, and I read them hypnosis scripts. There was a little more to it than that, but not too much. There would almost always be positive results in the short term, but long term results were shaky at best. And the most frustrating part was that I couldn’t tell what I was doing that was helping and what was doing nothing. I couldn’t accept it.

As time went on, I began to change my approach. Reworking it, and tweaking with each session I did. Eventually, I began to see things in a new way. I could identify the thing that was holding these people back and help them remove it so that they began moving forward again in their lives. Beginning to experience new things. Now, people come back and say “I notice my breath and I breathe deep so naturally that the feeling makes me calm.” They would come up to me and say “I’m sleeping so much better since I  learned how to place my attention on different parts of my body, like my left earlobe” or “I can relax now so easily, I just let my body go and I feel so much better, so much more peaceful.”

So, what was the difference between my effectiveness? Hypnotic Programming. This post is getting a little long so I’m gonna wrap it up. But before I do,  I’ll tell you that Hypnotic Programming is the system of personal change that I came up with to help myself and others. This approach is influenced by the following in order of when I was exposed to them: Sales (Persuasion), Tony Robbins, Jeet Kune Do, Taoism, Carlos Castaneda, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Guitar, Hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming),  Reiki. I’ll explain more about how this approach works in future posts.

Conscious Yoga Breathing

Re learning how to breathe has been one of the most important things that I’ve learned in my life. It has allowed my body to feel more energy, my mind to become more still, and my intuition to become sharper. Experiment with some of the breathing techniques in this video and see how it affects you.

Really Cool Technology

I often write about Paradigms. This technology is a good example of how our current computer paradigm is going to change. Not just because the keyboard is no longer there, but because the computer is becoming more intuitive. You want the picture bigger you just touch the corners and expand them. I can’t wait to play with one of these.

What is Web 2.0?

There’s no question that things are changing rapidly. Sometimes so rapidly that it’s difficult to get a grasp on it. Many of us have heard about Web 2.0, but few truly understand it, this video is the best I’ve seen at explaining a lot in a little bit of time. Which in a sense is the idea of the web. More understanding in less time.