About Jim Katsoulis


Thank you for taking time to look over my website. My name is Jim Katsoulis, and I have spent the last 18 years showing people how to transform their lives by taking control of their minds.

When you begin to understand the structure of change, you begin to really feel hope again. When you realize that you can program your mind as easily as you can program a computer you will notice that your mind begins to get excited by all the possibilities. And that excitement is the beginning of true change. You see, true change begins with excitement, not struggle.

27 years ago I was in business school grinding away at a finance degree that I didn’t even want, I was more than 50 pounds overweight, and I felt horrible. I felt stuck. I have to admit, I consider it a miracle that I was exposed to Hypnosis, Yoga, and NLP at this exact moment in my life.

For the first time in my life I began to realize that I was in control of my life and what I was experiencing. This realization was exciting because I then understood that if I was creating a life I didn’t like then I must also be able to create one that I did like, and from that point I began using these tools to literally create a new life for myself.

If you're like me, then you want to experience more in your life. I believe Hypnosis and NLP are two of the most effective tools for creating fast, lasting changes in your life.

In my own life I have used Hypnosis and NLP to create the career, health, and relationships I truly want.

I am thankful for having been able to learn from some of the best people in the fields of personal change. I have been certified as a Master Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest and oldest organization of its kind. I have received my Master NLP Practitioner Certification from Bennett/Stellar University, my NLP Trainer Certification form Richard Bandler (the creator of NLP) and received my Yoga Instructor certification from Sivananda ashram in Val Morin, Canada.

One of the great joys in my life is helping people recapture their sense of excitement, passion, and gratitude. I know from personal experience after using these methods on myself and others that they can help even when everything else has failed.

So, as you sit there reading this, you may begin to notice that you haven’t taken a deep satisfying breath in a while, and do that now…and you might also notice that you haven’t really let your shoulders relax because as you feel a little better you can begin to imagine all the little things you could do to improve your life everyday. And if all of a sudden you become aware of some noise that you didn’t notice a second ago, you can also notice that opportunities to feel better are always around you just waiting to be noticed.

To your success,
Jim Katsoulis