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If you've struggled to lose weight, I can help you. I can show you how to slim down with a method that is actually enjoyable (making maintenance automatic). My name is Jim Katsoulis and for the last 15 years I've helped women and men shed their extra weight by showing them how to program their minds.
When you understand how to run your own brain, you can create fast, dramatic changes. I offer private coaching and multiple online courses to support you in getting the body, health and happiness you deserve.


Would you like to feel more comfortable within your body and mind? Comfortable Yoga is a gentle yoga to create movement and comfort in your body. With this unique approach to yoga, anyone, regardless of age or ability can gain greater flexibility, strength and relaxation.
This audio program will teach and guide you through a basic set of comfortable yoga moves designed to make your body feel better.

Weight Loss

Your weight is a reflection of thinking. And once you begin using the simple strategies of the Program Yourself Thin Method to change your thinking, weight loss becomes automatic and enjoyable.
Finally, a fail-safe way to lose weight, without experiencing all the resistance, ups and downs, and food cravings... so you can lose weight without restrictive diets or strenuous exercise.


Addictive Health is a proven step-by-step system will show you how to install simple habits that will boost your energy, strengthen your body, quiet your mind, calm your spirit and ultimately make your entire life more enjoyable.
This program will help you get addicted to feeling good so that you can create peak health in the shortest time possible and be able to maintain it for good.

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Sleep impacts how your body functions physically, mentally and emotionally and has dramatic effects on your ability to lose weight.In the book "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Waker he describes an experiment where they took healthy people and compared how they ate when given 8 hours of sleep a night vs. 4-5 hours. What they found out was shocking. When sleep deprived the participants [...]

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Changing Your Self Image

Changing your self image is a powerful way to create dramatic changes in your life. Content Toggle Headline let's talk about you for a second0:02specifically let's talk about your0:03self-image because your self-image is0:06the mental representation that you have0:08of yourself and it's critical in0:11deriving your behavior and so if you0:14want to change something [...]

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Why Your Brain Doesn’t Like Willpower

Find out why your brain doesn't like willpower and the best way to create long term change. Content Toggle Headline the average person makes over 200 food0:02decisions unconsciously every day0:04according to brian wansink is a0:06professor at the cornell food laboratory0:08there's a really important number0:10especially if you struggle to change0:12your eating or l [...]

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The Meaning of Weight Loss & Health

Get more motivated by changing what losing weight or getting healthy means to you. Content Toggle Headline welcome to today's video so let's talk0:02about meaning for a moment I you know0:05one of the first things almost always0:07ask everyone that I work with is why do0:10you want to lose weight why do you want0:11to get healthy and look for the reason0:13and what [...]

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Changing Your Habit Loops

Discover your habit loops and how to change them. Content Toggle Headline 0:00hey welcome to today's video let's talk0:02about habits now this information is0:04coming from a book called the power of0:06habit by Charles Duhigg and the first0:08one understand is the components of a0:11habit and he refers to this as the habit0:13loop and so there are three parts the0 [...]

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How Long Does It Take To Master Your Weight

How long do you think it'll take to lose weight and reach your goal? Content Toggle Headline hey welcome to today's video now I was0:02working to wait a lot of client0:03yesterday and this is a person I've been0:05working with about six months or so0:06they've lost believe the 25 or 30 pounds0:09so far and have another 30 pounds to go0:12to get to their goal now one t [...]

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Making Weight Loss Enjoyable

Learn how to make weight loss and living healthy more enjoyable. Content Toggle Headline hey welcome today's video and I want to0:02talk about something a little0:03counterintuitive0:04it's about how to enjoy losing weight I0:08don't have anything crazy because let's0:10say that we've all been there we've all0:11heard of the people that usually when0:13people talk abo [...]

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Keystone Habits for Health and Weight Loss

I talk about how to become healthier and lose weight by implementing keystone habits. Video Transcript hey guys welcome to today's video and I0:02want to talk about habits and a specific0:04type of habit called the Keystone habit0:06now I read about this in the book called0:07the power of habit and I while I never0:11heard call the police don't have it is0:12certainly [...]

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DailyJim Vlog 001: The Purpose of My Vlog

First daily video for daily vlog. Daily health and weight loss information and motivation tips. [...]

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