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How to change your life in 90 minutes

Hi {!firstname_fix},

In 90 minutes you can change your entire life.

That's how long it takes to complete the Dream Setting Program and create a compelling, crystal clear blueprint for the new year and beyond.

One person wrote this to me:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!I've been saying that I'm 
going to sit downand write my goals (I mean dreams) for the 
last 5 YEARS. I just never actually did it. So, when I saw your 
Dream Setting program I decided it was finally time. And I'm really glad I did. 
It was so easy and fun, and it feels soooo good to have a clear idea of 
what I want, and to have a plan to follow to reach it.I feel so focused 
and alive since I did the program."Thank you so much,
- Maureen Gagnon San Diego, CA
==> http://dreamsetting.com/new-years

I got this email this morning:
"Jim, I just wanted to write and let you knowhow much I appreciate your Dream Setting Program. Goal setting in the past has been so boring that I stopped doing it, even though I know its important. But the way you taught it was really enjoyable. And it feels incredible to know specifically what I want and how I'm going to get it.I've already started "living my dream"
- Theresa Lanson Fort Davis, TX 

It's simple. You need to take a break and dedicate some time to deciding what you want in your life if you're going to be successful. And when you do it in a structured way that's interesting the results are life changing.

The complete Dream Setting Course is now available for immediate download.

90 minutes from now you could be living a new life:
==> http://dreamsetting.com 

to your success,