Here’s a hypnosis session to help you lose weight in 2023, and you can use it right now. Just follow along with the sound of my voice. Close your eyes, or defocus them and use your peripheral vision. Relax your face, relax your shoulders, relax your chest, and relax your stomach. Now take a deep breath in, slowly let it out. Take another deep breath in, and slowly let it out. Now bring your awareness down to your stomach, and relax your stomach muscles. Let them relax completely and totally. Let any tension that you find melt away as you relax your stomach, and feel that relaxation move up into your chest. Relax in the chest muscles, feel your chest open and expand as you feel that relaxation move deep into your lungs, into your heart. Feel that relaxation continue to move up into your shoulders, relaxing the shoulder muscles. Feel it move up into your neck, up into your ears, and down into your jaw, completely relaxing the jaw muscles. Let them go, let any tension just melt away, and feel that relaxation move over your lips, up into your nose. So that with each and every breath you take, you begin to relax even deeper than before. Now feel that relaxation begin to move up into your eyes, and your eyelids. Completely relaxing the eye muscles. Feel the relaxation wash over your eyes, and enjoy that feeling. And then imagine that feeling of relaxation beginning to move up into your eyebrows, up into your forehead, down over your face, so that all the muscles of your face are completely and totally relaxed.

Now, from this place, I want you to connect to this feeling, this feeling of physical relaxation, emotional calm, and mental quiet. Because it’s from this place that if you quiet even more and listen, you can begin to notice that there is a part of you that is thin and healthy. And this is the part of you that is going to express itself fully this year, starting now. So that you naturally and automatically begin to make choices that allow you to slim down on near autopilot. And you can imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning in your dream body at your goal weight. And I want you to connect with that feeling. I want you to imagine before you even open your eyes, you can feel yourself in your new body. And you may feel a smile begin to form on your face as you feel this body, and you feel yourself hop out of bed and go about your morning, getting dressed in the exact outfit you would wear for this body. And I want you to notice the subtle pleasure of getting dressed at this weight in this body, has this version of you. As you allow yourself to become this version of you, you can imagine yourself moving through your day, feeling good about your body, how you feel, how you look. Feeling healthier, feeling energized, noticing how much easier it is to move, how much more comfortable you are in your body, how much better you feel carrying less weight around.

And you can move through your day, noticing the interactions that you have with people, the way that you hold yourself, the way that you move, the subtle little things that go with living at that weight. You can become aware of now, and allow all of that awareness to seep deep into your mind and your body, so that every cell of your being begins to resonate with this weight, with this lifestyle, and with being this version of you, the version of you that is healthy and happy, and in control of your weight. So you can live at the exact weight to make sure the happiest and the healthiest, and gives you the best quality of life.

And the more you connect to this feeling, the easier it is to eat the right foods, to eat the right amounts, and to do the right things that give you the exact body that you desire. And it can happen on near autopilot, the more you feel this way, because the more connected you get to this feeling right now, the more your body and subconscious mind want to feel this. And so this is your secret weapon for losing weight in 2023: to connect to this feeling, to allow yourself to bask in this feeling of being healthy, of being alive, of feeling good about yourself. Because the more you feel this, the easier it is to choose the right foods and to choose the right behaviors that allow your dream weight to become a reality for you. So take a moment and allow this feeling and this awareness to sink into every cell of your being.

And now, I’m going to count from one to five, and when I say five, you’ll be fully awake, completely rested and refreshed. Number one, slowly, easily returning to your full awareness once again. Number two, each muscle, nerve in your body is loose, limp, and relaxed. You feel wonderfully good. Number three, from head to toe, you feel amazing in every way. On the number four, you’ve come aware of the room that you’re in, in the body that you’re breathing into. And on the next memory, I count, eyes open, fully awake, completely rested and refreshed. Number five, eyes open, take a deep breath in, and have a great day.

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