Talk about the elephant in the room that everyone ignores. How does television affect human beings? Good questions considering how much television the average person watches. It is clear from watching this video that these children are in a trance. Notice them all breathing at the same rate, with the same facial expression. Remember that being in a trance makes you more open to suggestions. The next question we need to ask is what suggestions are we exposing ourselves to when we trance out in front of the television?



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  1. wow, I was thinking about this the other day. Since I started internet marketing I have stopped watching tv all together, except for “the big idea” my favorite show. T.V. can be hypnotic, which is the reason so many people live lives of quiet desperation. How many positive things are there on T.V. Not many that I’ve seen. The news is negative and the media turns our minds to pudding. It’s up to us to rise up and control what goes into our subconscious minds. Good stuff goes in and good stuff comes out.

  2. Of course what’s really disturbing is that nowadays children are zoned out in front of ultra-violent computer games. And then people say ‘how could this happen?’ when kids arm themselves to and take out their classmates.

  3. Our beliefs determine our life.hypnosis can be used to change our negetive(self destructive)beliefs to positive beliefs.

  4. well, this should make you think ..,hulu how close to the truth is that advertising?
    I used to be a tv addict , till one day I realized I wasted an entire day sitting there watching crap that was not worth it. I watch news and discovery now 1-3 hours a nite depending on what is on, big drop from 8-10 hours a day.

  5. Wow, that was creepy! What were the children watching? Makes me glad we didn’t watch TV when I was really young and that by the time we had a TV, I wasn’t really interested. In fact, for most of my life I didn’t watch TV at all. Just yesterday I watched a video by Eldon Tyler that talked about how TV zones us out and the commercials control us. Scary. There is some value in TV viewing, however, really young children should be doing other things that help them grow their brains. But, isn’t it funny how we are sitting here watching videos about the bad effects of TV? 🙂

  6. That actually is funny Marilyn…I also think it’s a reminder that TV is a media tool that can benefit us or hurt us. It all starts with being vigilant and aware. Seeing videos like this helps with that.

  7. Very good video. It is rather scary, but, very true.
    This is exactly what your child/nephew looks like if they are watching their favourite cartoon…

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